Can you believe in God and believe in science? How do we know God exists? Can we really trust the Bible?
Join us for 8 different discussions about science, God, and the Bible. You are welcome to come to all of them or join us for specific topics. You can see the list of topics below.
  • Discussion 1: Logic, Science, Truth – Examine the fundamental principles of logic, how science is built upon them, and how we can find truth.
  • Discussion 2: Origin of the Universe – What do science and the bible say about the beginning of everything?
  • Discussion 3: Design of the Universe – Could the universe be different from the way it is and still work?
  • Discussion 4: Origin of Life – Do science and religion reconcile on the origin of life?
  • Discussion 5: Design of Life – Is the genesis of life likely? Is it inevitable? Can life be created in a lab?
  • Discussion 6: Miracles – What is a miracle? Why would they be important? Why don’t we see them today?
  • Discussion 7: The Mind – Are we a wet computer? Do we dance to our genes, or is there such a things a free will?
  • Discussion 8: The Bible – Is the bible trustworthy? Is it accurate?
Where: Back Alley
When: Sundays
Time: 9:30am

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