Can you believe in God and believe in science? How do we know God exists? Can we really trust the Bible?
Join us for 8 different discussions about science, God, and the Bible. You are welcome to come to all of them or join us for specific topics. A list of dates and topics will be coming soon, but it all starts May 19th.
  • Discussion 1: Logic, Science, Truth – Examine the fundamental principles of logic, how science is built upon them, and how we can find truth.
  • Discussion 2: Origin of the Universe – What do science and the bible say about the beginning of everything?
  • Discussion 3: Design of the Universe – Could the universe be different from the way it is and still work?
  • Discussion 4: Origin of Life – Do science and religion reconcile on the origin of life?
  • Discussion 5: Design of Life – Is the genesis of life likely? Is it inevitable? Can life be created in a lab?
  • Discussion 6: Miracles – What is a miracle? Why would they be important? Why don’t we see them today?
  • Discussion 7: The Mind – Are we a wet computer? Do we dance to our genes, or is there such a things a free will?
  • Discussion 8: The Bible – Is the bible trustworthy? Is it accurate?
Where: Back Alley
When: Begins Sunday, May 19th
Time: 9:30am

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