Preschool & Elementary

Upstreet and Upstreet Littles are Sunday morning environments for kids from infants to fifth grade. Each week includes an engaging large group gathered for worship and teaching, alongside more personal small group time, where kids will connect in their individual grade levels.

Life Bridge Students

Life Bridge Students is a ministry geared towards junior and senior high students. While being a relevant and relatable ministry, it is also a ministry that does not shy away from teaching the Truths of the Bible, and how the Word of God can be used to guide you through any situation.


6th-8th Grade


9th-12th Grade

Every Wednesday from 6-8:30pm

Interest Groups

Simply put, Interest Groups are friends you grow, laugh, and serve with.

Led by one or two individuals, most Interest Groups are made up of 10-15 people who meet every other week in someone’s home, at the church, a coffee shop, a park, or even online.

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Local Outreach

Our local missions team is focused on serving and sharing the love of Christ in our local metro-Detroit community.

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Global Outreach

Our global missions team is focused on serving, delivering the message and love of Christ in our global community.

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