Life Bridge Students

Life Bridge Students


High School & Middle School

Join us Wednesday nights @ 6:30-8:30pm!


Life Bridge Students is a ministry geared towards junior and senior high students. While being a relevant and relatable ministry, it is also a ministry that does not shy away from teaching the Truths of the Bible, and how the Word of God can be used to guide you through any situation. Our goal is to create environments where students are encouraged to make wise choices, positively influence their friends, and experience personal ministry through serving others!

What happens at Life Bridge Students
1. Large group – We start off by having some fun and playing a few games. We sing and hear a short message specifically related to the life of a middle schooler and high schooler.

2. Small groups – After the message, we break out into small groups of 6-10 students. We have girl groups led by female leaders and boy groups led by male leaders. Our groups are based on age. This is where we really connect and have transparent discussions about life and the material presented in the large group message.

3. Hangout – There is time before and after to bowl, chill, or play gaga ball!

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