Intentional Parenting Class

Intentional Parenting Class

10 ways to be an exceptional parent in a quick-fix world

No matter how good their intentions, all parents at times resort to quick-fix parenting: things we do to stop a kid’s negative or annoying behavior.

Quick-fix parenting may temporarily ease a parent’s stress level, but it does little to positively impact a child’s future. Quick-fix parenting is a terrible long-term strategy for parenting.

Intentional parenting is the opposite of quick-fix parenting. Intentional parenting is a way to raise children to become healthy, independent young adults. It’s based on solid principles which, applied over time, actually result in less-stressed parents and happier, better-adjusted, and more successful kids. Intentional parenting means you’ve got more than good intentions; you’ve got a plan. And it’s always better to have a plan for dealing with the stuff that inevitably crops up between parents and their kids than it is to wing it.

This is a five week discussion through 10 ways to be an exceptional parent in a quick-fix world.
This class will take place on Tuesdays at 6:30-8pm beginning March 19th. 
We’ll be meeting in UpStreet and childcare will be provided!

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