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This weekend we celebrate 'Merica! This is a celebration of our freedom, but what are we using our freedom for? Our country is starting to look very different. Let's be honest, the country has been in a major cultural shift for a long time. Is it good? Is it bad? How does God feel the current state of our country or does he even care? This weekend, we share a biblical … [Read More...]

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People Are Talking … about Why?

We all ask it As I sit here this week to write the companion words to what was a powerful Sunday, I find myself feeling unworthy.  Perhaps like no other week before … [Read More...]

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Kids Against Hunger

Life Bridge is partnering with Kids Against Hunger Coalition to package 20,000 meals. We're looking for 250 volunteers, to help package meals for starving children around the globe and our own surrounding  neighborhoods. July 19th @ Life Bridge Sign up for … [Read More...]


dwell [ on KNOWING

Mon:  John 11:1-16          Thu: John 17:13-26         Sun:  John 17:3 Tue: John 11:17-44          Fri:  John 2:23-3:8 Wed:  John 17:1-12      Sat:  John 3:9-21 Several years ago, I was sitting on the floor on a Sunday morning with 15 or so first through … [Read More...]


dwell [ on THE BATTLE

Mon:  John 16:33          Thu:  1 Corinthians 10:13          Sun:  John 16:33 Tue:  James 1:1-8          Fri:  Romans 5:1-5 Wed:  James 1:9-18      Sat:  1 Peter 5:7-10 It all begins and ends with these strong truths from John 16:33: I have told you all … [Read More...]