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Celebrate Easter At Life Bridge

It's finally here! The long hard winter is behind us. The sun is shining, the grass greening, and the trees are beginning to bud.  Everywhere you look, new life is springing up. What a perfect time to celebrate Easter! Easter At Life Bridge We do everything a little bit different. That's our mission. Life Bridge is a church for non-churchy types. We think church should be … [Read More...]

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Behind the Stained Glass: The Game Changers

A new kind of preacher brought about the Great Awakening. Preacher who wanted to motivate people to action. One of the motivations was clearly describing judgement, … [Read More...]

Living the Bible


Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt If you have a child, toddler - 5th grade, celebrate Easter this Sunday at Life Bridge. After both our 10:00am &11:30am service we will disperse over 2,000 eggs in the large field in front of our building. In addition to eggs filled with … [Read More...]


Meet the newest member of our team

This church runs on it's incredible leaders. We have several circles of leaders all united towards the audacious goal of creating a church for non church types. There are five key teams that make Life Bridge hum like a well oiled machine. All of these teams … [Read More...]

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Why they don’t call me pastor

My name is Grant. Not Pastor. Not Pastor Grant. Not Holy Reverend Father. Let's be honest, does the guy in this photo (me) really look deserving of such titles? What I do by trade, is pastor a church. Let me be clear, it makes sense when someone says, … [Read More...]