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You Can’t Fix Stupid

The world is filled with stupid people! As you read this your are no doubt surrounded by people who have a serious common sense deficit. The guy in the office next to yours The neighbor across the street Kids - If you have kids your stupid tank is full That intensely dense family member. Who's looking forward to the holidays? Dear Stupid Person Did you know there … [Read More...]

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You Can Fix Stupid | week 1

It's crying aloud! Although the connection might seem natural, this short two-week series is not an extension of "Those People."  In this brief window into wisdom, … [Read More...]

Living the Bible


Enemies of Wisdom

  Enemies of wisdom The book of Proverbs says wisdom is not far from us. All we really have to do is look for it. So what keeps us from seeing what is so obvious. Here is a comprehensive list of enemies who want to get in between us and wisdom. 1. … [Read More...]


How to stop being critical

I get it, being critical is kind of fun. It takes the pressure off of yourself and puts it on others. It feels so right to huddle with other disgruntled employees and complain about the boss. To privately complain about the weather, government or traffic. Its … [Read More...]


Halloween Candy Crawl

  October 24th 6:30 – 8:30pm Looking for a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween with your children? Life Bridge Church will be hosting our second annual Halloween Candy Crawl. Get a bonus night of Halloween fun! Inflatables -  Large … [Read More...]