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We Four Kings

Jesus was/is a literal king. He rules a literal kingdom and those who believe in Christ are part of this Kingdom.  As a king, Jesus doesn't often get credit for his incredible leadership. The best way to understand why Christ's leadership and kingdom are so supreme is to see it compared to other leaders. King of Kings In a series leading up to Christmas we hold the leadership … [Read More...]

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We Four Kings :: Jehu

Jesus is an angry King In week two of our We Four Kings series, we focus on King Jehu.  Jehu was a very unique king ... a real crazy dude!  Jehu was king about 700 … [Read More...]

Living the Bible

Christmas stress - busy santa woman

All I want for Christmas is my freakin’ 2 for 1!

The perfect Christmas means different things to people. For some, it comes in upholding deep-rooted family traditions; golden turkeys and creamy gravy, freshly baked cookies, or curling up to read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas before bed. Perhaps to you it … [Read More...]


Christmas Eve Service

A Night To Remember Everyone in the community is invited to the Christmas Eve Services at Life Bridge. This is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate the night before Christmas. We we have designed this service to be enjoyed by the whole family. Warm … [Read More...]

Zen stones

Why are you afraid to stop?

This Thanksgiving I realized, we have no idea how to stop. Many of my friends and family got up on Thanksgiving and ran a marathon. Then came home, fixed a meal for a few hours, ate, washed dishes, squeezed in a little digestion time and we … [Read More...]