Current Teaching Series

Unwrapping Christmas

  We all know about the wise-men, manger scene and the shepherds, but the story started long before that. To really understand the significance of Jesus' birth, you have to understand the greater context of the Bible. We are teaching through the entire bible in 4 weeks. This will answer so many of your questions. Why is there so much suffering in the world? Why … [Read More...]

Recent Messages

Guts :: no compromise

untried and true We've arrived at the final week of our "Guts" series.  We've repeated the truth over and over again, that it takes guts to follow Jesus.  The life … [Read More...]

Living the Bible

New Young Adult Group

Young Adults at Life Bridge There is a growing number of people 18 to 25 ish at Life Bridge looking for connection with other people in our same stage of life. Lets face it, following Jesus is challenging and we need relationships with other people our who … [Read More...]

Big Announcement

This past weekend we made a big announcement , but first some numbers. There are about 351,000 people in our community There are 318 churches. If we round up from the national average of church attendance (75) to 100 people per church, that means less … [Read More...]

Halloween Candy Crawl

October 31st 4:00 – 6:00pm Looking for a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween with your children? Life Bridge Church will be hosting our third annual Halloween Candy Crawl. Get a bonus night of Halloween fun! This year we are expanding our campus to … [Read More...]