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30 Days Of Change

What if one month could change everything? 30 Days of Change is designed to revolutionize your daily habits. This program will inject scripture into your routine. It's really simple, Read the Bible everyday for 30 days Go to church for four weeks in a row Results are guaranteed because it won't be you making the changes, it will be God making the changes in you as you … [Read More...]

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This Changes EVERYTHING!

A well placed IF It's Easter Sunday, and on this day the heart of every Christian shouts, He is Risen!  It can be rightly argued that this is the most important day … [Read More...]

Living the Bible

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Embrace Death

On my way to another busy day full of impending to-do's, I noticed something on my regular commute I had never noticed before ... a cemetery. This particular cemetery is in the middle of a busy business district, across from a mall, surrounded by restaurants … [Read More...]


Jesus’ Final week

Jesus' final week changed everything. Did you know 40% the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) are about Jesus' final week? Walk through each day of Jesu last week on earth. Jesus' Final Week Palm Sunday When Jesus road into Jerusalem on a donkey, he … [Read More...]


Downriver Dash

Downriver Dash 5k April 25th Life Bridge is a sponsor of the Downriver Dash 5k, April 25th. Your entry fee for this 5k will support the wide range of local services offered by the Guidance Center. Mental health and wellness services Early child hood … [Read More...]