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Greater Than

In a world driven by self indulgence, one-upmanship and selfies, the New Testament offers an alternative. A new way of approaching life that seems counter intuitive and very few people ever accept. We are scared of going down this path because we feel we would have to surrender truly enjoying our own life in order to give ourselves to this cause. Yet, paradoxically, this very … [Read More...]

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Greater Than :: YOU > ME

More than a series ... a challenge! This is the first of four weeks where we will focus on a vision for a major shift at Life Bridge Church.  This is far more than … [Read More...]

Living the Bible


I Just Got Baptized! Now What?

A commitment to Christ that culminates in Baptism is exciting. Its kind of like graduating college or getting married. After the party is over and everyone congratulates you, you're left with this gut wrenching question: "Now What?" Don't worry we got you … [Read More...]

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Make this your Facebook Cover Photo

Please Download and make one of these your Facebook Cover Photo Make a statement to your friends and family that you care more about them then you do your own life. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value … [Read More...]

"Old Dogs" Premiere - Los Angeles

Is suicide unforgivable?

My deepest sympathy to Robin William's family.  As a child, I memorized every line of Good Morning Vietnam. I feel, as many of you do, that we knew him. He was in some way a part of each of our families. It's heartbreaking to realize he is gone. In light of … [Read More...]