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People Are Talking

Contrary to popular belief, the church isn't for those who have it all figured out. No one needs to join another organization or group just to artificially pump us up and make our fake facade feel important or appreciated. More than we might know, most of us are actually craving to be around authentic people. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place where it was okay … [Read More...]

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The Warrior // Be on your Guard

No pulling punches Let me be perfectly clear.  Whether you believe it or not, you need to know that every minute of every day that God gifts you there is a battle … [Read More...]

Living the Bible


New Connections Pastor – Keith Lehman

Life Bridge, like any other thriving church, is not built on the talents of a few but the sacrifices of many. We have amazing leaders who use the gifts and talents God has given them to create a church that unchurched people love to attend. Check out our core … [Read More...]

Comic high angle portrait of a middle-aged businessman with a scared fearful expression raising his fists to his face as though beseeching help, isolated on white

What are you afraid of?

Do you know the story of the woman with the issue of blood?  Let me share it with you… Luke 8:40-44 40 Now when Jesus came back (to  Galilee) the crowd received and welcomed Him gladly, for they were all waiting and looking for Him. 41 and there came a … [Read More...]


Why nobody likes you

I am not being a jerk, I just wanted to provide a safe place for you to find out why nobody likes you. As a pastor I have heard many ... many people complain that they have no friends. Some people blame it on the church (for not being friendly enough). Some … [Read More...]